Amadou Diallo's 41st Birthday

Scholarship Awareness Reception:
Heal Our Communities

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Amadou Diallo Foundation held a "Heal Our Communities" forum on Thursday, September 29, 2016, at the historic Riverside Church in New York. This event featured a select group of thought provoking speakers.

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Amadou Diallo

In Memory of Amadou Diallo
September 2, 1975 - February 4, 1999

In September 1996, Amadou departed for America seeking the opportunity to attend college. He left behind a handwritten note for his mother that had only two lines, "The solution is U.S.A. Don't leave my brothers and sister here." He believed in the opportunity America promised. Amadou loved the singer Bruce Springsteen, saying he represented the dreams of ordinary people. Amadou would play "Born in the USA" over and over. In a sad twist of fate, it would later be Bruce Springsteen who would write a song about Amadou's death, "American Skin (41 shots)."

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Amadou Diallo Foundation

The Amadou Diallo Foundation

The Foundation's mission is to promote racial healing through activities including programs in schools, that seek to diminish prejudice and racial conflicts and enhance police-community relations. It is our vision to host and facilitate a necessary, national dialogue on race and police community relations via panel discussions, workshops, seminars and other educational events.

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Kadi and Amadou Diallo

A Mother's Message

I was thrilled to hear the excitement in my son's voice when he called me January 31, 1999 from New York City. "I'm so happy right now, Mom! I am going to do it." "Do what?" I asked from my home in Guinea. "Enroll in College," he enthusiastically replied. I asked him if he needed my help, and he said, "No, I only need your prayers."

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Scholarship Program
Scholarship Program

The Amadou Diallo Foundation Scholarship Program was established in honor of Amadou's academic dreams. In the spirit of Amadou, the foundation has, thus far, proudly given away 27 scholarships.

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ADF Events

September 29, 2016
Kadiatou Diallo paid tribute to the life of her son Amadou by bringing together a group of thought provoking speakers to raise money to help bridge the gap between those who can afford to go to college... and those who cannot.

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Contribute to the foundation and help a student embrace Amadou's humanitarian sprit and the academic dreams he held for his life. The Amadou Diallo Foundation is a non profit charitable organization. All donations are 501c3 Tax Deductible.

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